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Use KongrePad for professional congress management and participant interaction! A single platform for live presentation viewing, keypad questions, anonymous questioning, debate voting, reporting and more.

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Cloud based

Manage your congress from anywhere, with its web application.

Mobile App

With KongrePad, participants can access the congress anywhere from the mobile application!

Easy to use

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is now very easy to manage your congress.

Multiple users

Add as many users as you want to your account and work together.


Experience high-quality functionality without breaking the bank, delivering exceptional value at a budget-friendly price.

Video tutorials

Take advantage of free tutorials whenever you need it.

Explore KongrePad to make your events unforgettable and engage attendees effectively. Thanks to the live presentation viewing feature, participants can follow the speaker's presentation live on their phones. Keep attendees active throughout the event with interactive features like keypad questions and debate voting.

Also make event content more personalized by allowing attendees to ask questions. You can easily track session attendance and report user activities such as keypad and debate participation. Users can request the documents they want via e-mail and make the event more fun through score games.

Dynamically display session chairperson name, stopwatch and voting results with the screen management feature. Enhance your event by showcasing your sponsors' logos and promotions through virtual stands.

KongrePad offers everything you need to make your events more impressive and participant-focused. Get started now and take your event experience to the next level!

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Follow live document

The user can watch the speaker's on-screen presentation from his/her phone.


Keypad questions

Publish keypad questions that users can answer instantly on their phones.


Asking Question

The user can ask questions to the speaker via his/her phone anonymously or with his/her name.


Debate voting

Offer debate voting so users can vote for the team they want.



Attendance of session can be checked via qr code scanning system. Also, user movements like keypad and debate participation and sessions can be reported.


Document request

The user can request the desired documents via e-mail.


Score Games

Score games can be organized for the user to collect points by scanning the QR code from their phone.


Screen Management

The timer, session chair or speaker name, document, keypad and debate voting results can be displayed dynamically on personalized screens.


Virtual Stands

Elevate your congress with KongrePad by showcasing sponsor logos and promotions within the app.



Effortlessly collect attendee feedback and insights with our integrated survey tool, optimizing event experiences in just a few clicks.

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7th National Immunotherapy and Oncology Congress

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Interactive Oncology Meeting with Cases

Frequently Asked Questions

KongrePad is an application platform with live keypad and debate voting, digital stands, surveys and many other services. It has everything you need from start to finish to keep your attendees engaged at your events.

It enables congress participants to participate in all required applications through a single application. It makes congress management simple with its user-friendly interface.

Of course! You can try KongrePad with 100 free credits without even entering credit card information. As you wish, you can get more credit.

Thanks to the training videos we have prepared, everyone can use KongrePad without any extra knowledge. Click here to access our training videos.

Yes, you can manage as many congresses as you want from a single account, as long as your credit is sufficient.

Premium congresses are congresses where keypad, debate and screen management features can be used. These features cannot be used in standard congresses.

Keypads are questions that you can send to all logged in participants to answer.

Each participant's daily login is deducted from your credits. This amount is 10 credits for standard congresses and 12 credits for premium congresses. For example, a standard congress lasting 5 days with 50 participants will cost you 2500 credits.

Users, event owners, are the people who enter all the details about the event into the congresspad system, in short, use the congresspad via the web. Participants are event members who log in to the event via the QR code system and take part in the event. Speakers are the people who present in the sessions during the event. Speakers are also on the congress pad as participants.